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Fatty liver knowledge

Fatty liver and metabolic syndrome

Date:2016-10-18 17:06:57 FROM: Browsing times:
        Fatty liver is a clinical pathological syndrome characterized by hepatic steatosis. The main accumulation of lipids in the liver cells is triglyceride. The detection rate of fatty liver was about 20%. Epidemiological studies suggest that fatty liver and body weight, especially visceral obesity, dyslipidemia, blood sugar and blood pressure rise is closely related, often with the composition of the metabolic syndrome and complications. The risk of male fatty liver was 2.6 times higher than women, each increase of 1 metabolic syndrome indicators (waist / hip ratio, IGT, hypertension and dyslipidemia), significantly increased risk of fatty liver. Even in non obese individuals, the higher levels of insulin and glucose tolerance in the body play an important role in the pathogenesis of fatty liver.
Insulin resistance and glucose metabolism disorders may be the primary cause of fatty liver. Insulin resistance can lead to the formation of lipid accumulation in liver cells, and the formation of the first blow. Oxidative stress can lead to lipid peroxidation damage, cause fatty hepatitis, the formation of the second blow. The persistent presence of fatty liver disease may lead to the formation of progressive liver fibrosis.
        The treatment of fatty liver is mainly on the basis of disease and fatty liver, including the cause of disease treatment, diet and exercise intervention, weight control, improvement of insulin resistance and control of blood glucose and blood lipid abnormalities and so on.