The outpatient service is founded by Li Daolin and his son Lee liver expert German liver specialist clinic, TCM doctor Li Deguo, Qilu doctors, liver disease research and treatment experts, (at Zuo Hill) the medicine liver clinic director, attending physician. Engaged in traditional Chinese medicine liver disease treatment for 20 years, to relieve the suffering of countless patients with liver disease, won the majority of patients trust.

    His father Li Daolin old Chinese medicine, the famous old Chinese medicine......detailed>>

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The German herbalist Li father to study medicine since childhood, to his father's pass, he will Bo deep books of ancient and modern medicine, Chinese medicine essence, he advanced experience and comprehensive treatment of liver medicine, combined with years of clinical experience in the treatment of their own, the gathering house long, from the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the dialectical treatment, in the treatment of liver diseases has increased, especially for increased albumin, RUANGANSUOPI .......detailed>>



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